Why your brain sometimes need a break

– presentation (my notes were just single words and symbols, so i wrote down pretty much what I ended up saying)

Let me ask you.

How many of you remember exactly what the last person (Ksenia) said (about Norway) just now?

Or what the first thing ronald said in this lecture?

That is because you need a break! But you didnt have one, so your brain took one for you.

That is what happens when you sit down for hours of studying or listening to a lecture. Studies show that the human brain can only sustain attention on one thing for between 20 and 40 minutes. No matter how interesting it is, after a long time of listening, the brain stops taking in the information. Short term memory is full, so to speak.

Research show that you need some space between these inputs to process all the information.

That is why we need breaks.

Also, the body is not made to sit down all day. So if you never have a break, not only your brain, but your body falls asleep too! And that feeling of rushing from one place to another without time to eat, talk to your friends, or even going to the bathroom? Does that really help your brain work faster?

Just try it! take a break. Process what i just said.. and then we move on

Breaks are natural, and makes you function better. It makes work more efficient, and  is therefore a win-win. Remember, only after a break can you have a breakthrough.  Got that last thing, or have your brains paused already? Then, maybe you need to have a break

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