Coffeeshop Lullaby #1

  • By Ksenia Novikova and Caroline Enge


“The receptionist” asks what we want – ‘i’ll show you the menu’

Haze, Amnesia, Sugar Palm – and here’s what they do:

Some will make you chatty, others scare you home

You can be a feather or you can be a stone

A surveillance-video mosaic on a screen

Makes sure every little movement is seen

He’s worked here for five years, and ’yeah’, he likes it a lot

The costumers are social, though the place ain’t all that hot

Actually, it’s rather chilly, so inside we all wear coats

While the air condition fights against the heavy smoke that floats

He waves us through the glass door, into another room

The TV-screen flickers, ‘Transformers’ will start soon…

Three pair eyes and three pair shoes turn slowly as we enter

The newcomers are suddenly in the attention center

Hash as black as chocolate, sweet-smelling weed

Fingers chop and roll it quickly into a joint so neat.

It’s quite the typical coffeeshop, like many others in this town

Faded tapestry, wooden floors – simply really brown

But red decorations and music can do a lot for a place

Everything is cozier when Christmas lights bright up the space

Reggae streams from speakers, always loud enough

To cover silence, conversations and the occasional cough

A public, smoking living room, there aren’t many left

After anti-drug campaigns over the country swept

The stickers from the election campaign are starting to fade

If they decide to pass the new restrictions, there’s no way to evade

But here, Bob Marley is still setting the tone

In a coffeeshop in Amsterdam you’re seldom alone

The mellow smiles are showing that everyone feels good

We smile as well and say goodbye, and then we leave hood

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